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Primary Practice Areas, Services & Industries
  • Construction Cost & Schedule Analysis; Government Contracts; Investigations
  • Damage Analysis; Dispute Resolution; Forensic Accounting
  • Construction; Energy; Government
  • BS, Finance, Virginia Tech (cum laude)

Mark Gmyr


Managing Director

Professional Experience
Mr. Gmyr is a Managing Director with LitCon Group. He specializes in the analysis of costs and damages incurred on construction projects, government contracts, and forensic accounting related casework with 20 years of consulting experience. During his career, Mr. Gmyr has managed dozens of projects pertaining to the litigation of a series of cases before the United States Court of Federal Claims collectively known as Spent Nuclear Fuel cases. These cases, and resulting damages claims, resulted from the breach of the Standard Contract issued under the Nuclear Waste Policy Act and litigated as partial breach cases.

Areas of Expertise
Mr. Gmyr has been involved in analyzing many claims and requests for equitable adjustment involving contract disputes. He has provided damage analyses on a wide variety of construction projects including new construction, expansion of existing facilities, modifications/rehabilitation of existing facilities, environmental remediation, and other construction cases involving soil excavation. His work regarding construction projects has been primarily for plaintiffs preparing claims or requests for equitable adjustments. His work on breach of contract projects have been primarily for defendants and entailed verifying the accuracy, completeness, and support for plaintiffs’ claims. His preparation and review of claims have been used during court, arbitration, mediation, or settlement proceedings.

Mr. Gmyr has analyzed claims for owners, prime contractors and subcontractors, as both defendants and plaintiffs. Claims analyzed have exceeded a hundred million dollars on multi-billion dollar contracts within various industries including nuclear, defense contracting, communications, construction, environmental remediation, and transportation, among others. Issues addressed include damages arising from contract termination, contract default, changed work, deficient design, losses of efficiency, delay, acceleration, asset value disputes, and others. His work on termination cases included review and negotiations of termination for convenience settlement proposals. In addition to civil proceedings, he has worked on criminal proceedings performing accounting investigations of embezzlement, money laundering, and bribery. Mr. Gmyr has authored expert reports and settlement narratives as well as presented at alternative dispute resolution proceedings, detailing findings of his analyses.

Additional Services

Claim Analysis, Claim Preparation, Claim Evaluation, Construction Contract Audit, Construction Cost Review, Cost Review, Damage Analysis, Data Analytics, Data Collection, Dispute Resolution Support, Dispute Termination for Default, Document Review, Employment, Financial Analysis, Forensic Accounting, Forensic Investigation, Government Contract Compliance, Government Contract Consulting, Indirect Rate Calculations, Money Laundering Investigation, Prime/Sub Dispute, Proposal Support, REA Preparation/Analysis, Request for Equitable Adjustment, Subcontractor Negotiation, Terminations, Testimony

Additional Industries

Aviation/Aerospace, Automotive, Banking, Construction, Defense, Distribution, Electronics & Weapons Systems, Energy, Government, Hazardous Waste, Industrial, Manufacturing, Municipal Government, Nuclear Fuel, Oil/Gas/Coal, Power/Utilities, Prisons, Real Estate, Roads/Highways/Bridges, Shipbuilding, (SNF) Spent Nuclear Fuel, Water/Wastewater