Litigation Technology Services

In today’s world of fast-paced technological innovation, we act as a trusted partner to affirm compliance with information requests while deploying the most appropriate solutions to the resulting document review.


Data Analytics

Cloud. Security. Privacy. Compliance. Scalability.
At LitCon Group, our seasoned litigation technology professionals have worked on some of the most complex matters in history, while serving as respected experts in both regulatory and complex litigation matters.  Our expertise in eDiscovery, data analytics, and machine learning ensure that your matter is supported by the most advanced platforms while adhering to precedent, compliance regulations and International privacy standards.


These are the mission critical concerns that come to every litigator’s mind in our modern world of eDiscovery.  No longer beholden to archaic basement rooms stacked high with servers, today’s agile eDiscovery providers are able to leverage the flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness of a world-class, cloud-based infrastructure. At the same time, we are still able to comply with the most stringent technological and privacy compliance requirements and cross-border regulations.

At LitCon Group, our team of eDiscovery professionals has vast experience in both captive and cloud-based data centers, offering eDiscovery solutions around the world.  We are able to quickly identify which technology solutions are most appropriate for the intricacies of your matter, steering clear of the “one solution fits all” mindset of many of our competitors.

Machine Learning

It is true that the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are revolutionizing not only the world of eDiscovery, but also the world of big data at large.  That said, much of what passes as “must have technology” messaging is largely driven by the technology developers themselves and may not represent the most accurate depiction of a particular solutions viability.  In other words, machine learning may be a very effective tool in some instances, but it is not yet the magic bullet that many claim it to be.

At LitCon Group, we are continually evaluating new capabilities in machine learning technologies, platforms and processes, to discern which are ready for deployment and which are cyber noise.  Our consultative approach ensures we are leveraging the most effective suite of solutions for every matter, without falling into the trap of using technology for technology’s sake.

Data Analysis

With corporate data stores doubling in size every eighteen months, today’s eDiscovery systems are routinely called upon to process petabytes of transactional data and millions of unstructured documents with ever-shortening project timelines and ever-changing custodial regulations.  Our clients have seen our capabilities firsthand and have come to rely on us to enhance their own expertise and effectively deploy the complex system architectures required to process these massive amounts of data.  We have vast experience in analyzing large financial, customer relationship management (CRM) and other enterprise database systems. In addition, with innovations in the Internet of Things (IoT) data is simply going to accumulate at an even faster rate, with data sets from all manner of everyday technologies (e.g. security cameras, thermostats, appliances) coming in to play.

The LitCon Group litigation technology team has remained at the forefront of all these technological advances and even provide product guidance back to software solution providers. Our proven successes in supporting even the most “non-traditional” matters, coupled with our ability to transparently act as fact witnesses, has provided dozens of clients with the confidence they need during bet-the-business litigations.  Most importantly, our experienced team knows what they are looking for across these immense data sets and leverages their decades of insight gleaned in the most complex matters to every new engagement.  Our ability to assess your data stores and determine exactly what you need to craft your narrative and prove your strategy is unmatched.

Facilitating Case Management

Throughout the data collection and review process, LitCon Group professionals are with you every step of the way.
At LitCon Group, we offer a broad range of litigation technology services to provide you with various options to address your data requirements.  Through the initial data compilation to the ongoing maintenance and storage of information, LitCon provides value-added services to accentuate existing capabilities or as the sole provider.