Energy Sector Services

LitCon Group professionals have a variety of experience within the energy sector, not only with traditional litigation assignments, but also in situations where our forensic accounting, engineering, and valuation skills help clients solve problems. We work with general counsel, external counsel, representatives of regulatory agencies as well as project executives.


We Know your Industry

Our understanding of the energy sector is both broad and specialized.
Our professionals have many different certifications including Professional Engineers, Certified Public Accountants, Certified in Financial Forensics, Certified Fraud Examiners, Certified Management Accountants and Certified Valuation Analysts. In addition, LitCon Group has a wealth of industry contacts for circumstances that require highly specialized expertise.

Oil, Gas, and Coal

LitCon Group offers expert services that encompass the phases of the fossil fuel life cycle from development and extraction to transportation, storage, and processing. Additionally we can assist in assessing liabilities from site abandonment and remediation. Our experience includes working on projects in the United States, internationally, and offshore, including:

  • Developing appropriate cost/benefit analyses
  • Valuing energy assets and projects
  • Evaluating cover costs and liquidated damages
  • Providing project management, including: schedule development, cost management and project monitoring
  • Evaluating eminent domain claims
  • Calculating Royalties
  • Evaluating construction claims
  • Assisting legal counsel in performing Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) analyses
  • Assessing financial and accounting reporting under joint venture and royalty agreements
  • Analyzing remediation costs and related insurance

Electric Power Generation and Transmission

LitCon Group provides a variety of consulting services to the electric power generation and transmission industry. From industrial co-generation to nuclear power, LitCon has assisted utilities, owners, operators, contractors, and major consumers of electricity in a variety of matters.

  • Preparing and evaluating claims from power plant construction, modifications, and upgrades
  • Assessing the impact on customers from service disruptions
  • Analyzing costs included in rate cases
  • Determining cost and schedule impacts as well as identifying their root cause
  • Analyzing the economics of investing in cogeneration projects and overseas joint ventures
  • Evaluating fuel source claims

Standing by You

Whatever your energy sector services needs, LitCon Group professionals are with you every step of the way.
At LitCon Group, we efficiently analyze complex issues and explain our conclusions in a manner that everyone can understand. This high level of expertise allows our clients to effectively evaluate the strength of their case and make educated business decisions. When necessary, LitCon Group has seasoned testifiers who have provided both written and oral expert witness testimony in many judicial venues.