AI/ML/Analytics Services

When faced with an investigation or legal dispute, companies and law firms must quickly collect, manage, and understand facts from relevant data sources. Artificial intelligence and machine learning enhance efficiency across discovery when paired with the right balance of people and process.  While these advances in technology are impactful, it’s important to understand that not every task is suited for artificial intelligence or machine learning, and despite the marketing hype, there’s no easy button.

LitCon Group continually evaluates new capabilities in machine learning technologies, platforms, and processes.  Our consultative approach applies decades of industry, legal, and technical experience to understand the problems we’re solving and the most effective suite of solutions to use.  Leveraging the most appropriate tools and expertise in understanding where to look for data and how to analyze it, our teams quickly deliver key evidence and insights that inform case strategy throughout discovery.

Our Solutions

Solutions designed around powerful, expert-driven technologies and advanced analytical tools that support faster business-critical decision making and deliver cost-effective, defensible results.

Data Triage

Our consultants assist organizations with classification and prioritization of data sets.  Triage can be used for filtering, prioritizing document types of interest like contracts, and for routing documents requiring special handling for things like foreign language translation, image labeling, and audio transcription.

Key Evidence Mining

Our consultants leverage advanced data culling techniques, multiple machine learning and search methodologies, and investigative experience to target key evidence.  The process yields, targeted, high-value document sets that guide strategy, reduce review volumes, and improve the understanding of relevant topics throughout the case. 

Predictive Review

Our predictive review workflow leverages a top-down approach focused on developing a clear understanding of relevance for model training and validation.  Our approach has been accepted by regulatory agencies and follows a systematic, statistically validated, documented and explainable process.

Early Case Assessment

Understanding the scope, projected costs, and potential risks of discovery can play a critical role in an early case assessment.  Our solutions evaluate methods for reducing the overall scope of discovery, provide data points for budgeting, and surface information critical to understanding the merits of the case.