Risk Management Services

LitCon’s Risk Management Services team identifies end-to-end risk management solutions throughout the entire life cycle of a project for project stakeholders.

Our Risk Management process protects client’s interests by evaluating and implementing processes that help reduce the impact of identified risks;  safety, schedule, financial, climate, or litigation risk. The goal is to collaborate and communicate with all parties involved, identify, evaluate and alleviate risks as they arise, and manage risks before they become a problem.

Our team of professional engineers, accountants and construction professionals understand the complexities, difficulties, and risks associated with the construction phases of development and renovation.

Risk Management services can be engaged at any point in the construction process and are customized for each project and client. LitCon’s team of experienced professionals will advise to help identify and manage risk on each project, at any time before and during the project. 

Our Services

Contract Review

Understand the terms of the contract to ensure a detailed scope of work, a clear payment schedule, and provisions for handling delays, disputes, and changes to the scope of work.

Contractor/Subcontractor Qualifications

Assess the capabilities, experience, and financial stability of potential partners before entering a contractual relationship.

Project Assessment

Review project conditions that can impact costs, schedules, and performance of a project which will lead to delays and disputes down the road, such as; schedule requirements, safety hazards, site access, availability of labor and materials, for example.

Performance Audits

Provide objective analysis, findings, and conclusions to assist management and those charged with governance and oversight with, among other things, improving program performance and operations by assessing scheduling, design and planning performance, project management processes, and/or project objectives and plans.