Commercial Litigation

LitCon Group has a wide range of experience in cases involving commercial damages, fraud investigations, and valuation assignments. Our experience includes determining or rebutting damages in breach of contract, fraud, insurance, intellectual property, tort, and antitrust matters, among others. We have substantial experience working with highly complex and technology driven businesses. Our professionals are adept at working with technical specialists and other experts to ensure a smooth and seamless interface throughout your case preparation.


Your Independent Experts

As independent experts, LitCon Group has experience working for plaintiffs and defendants.
We have helped plaintiffs develop the necessary foundation to support their damages and establish the link between claimed dollars and the alleged acts underlying the case. Utilizing our experience, LitCon Group develops a damage claim that can be understood by a jury, yet withstand the rigors of cross-examination. For defendants, we review expert reports submitted by plaintiffs and frequently identify problems such as factual errors, unstated assumptions, mathematical mistakes, and misapplication of finance and accounting principles.

Forensic Accounting

LitCon Group professionals have significant experience in forensic accounting, money tracing, and the discovery and prosecution of fraud. Our experience includes civil and criminal fraud matters, and working with debtors and creditors in the bankruptcy environment. We can help uncover stolen or misappropriated funds and identify false or misleading financial reporting or inducements to buy. In addition to documenting the facts surrounding the case, we can quantify the damages sustained from the fraud.

The Valuation Environment

In the valuation environment, LitCon Group professionals are experienced in calculating the value of majority and minority interests in privately held businesses, including developmental stage companies. We are also frequently called upon to value internally developed and intellectual property acquired in acquisitions.

Standing by You

Throughout the litigation process, LitCon Group professionals are with you every step of the way.
At LitCon Group, we efficiently analyze complex issues and explain our conclusions in a manner that everyone can understand. This high level of expertise allows our clients to effectively evaluate the strength of their case and make educated business decisions. When necessary, LitCon Group has seasoned testifiers who have provided both written and oral expert witness testimony in many judicial venues.